NorTrac 3/4" NPT ブリーザ キャップ レベルゲージ付
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NorTrac 3/4" NPT ブリーザ キャップ レベルゲージ付


¥3,999 税込


Brave(ブレイブ)社製の薪割り機の補修用です。 写真は右のレベルゲージ付きのもの、1 点です。(レベルゲージなしのものは付属しません) The NorTrac Hydraulic Tank Breather with Dipstick protects and prolongs the life of hydraulic system components by preventing airborne contaminants from entering the hydraulic tank. Compatible with petroleum and mineral based fluids at temperatures to 275°F. - 4 1/4in. dipstick for easy checking of hydraulic fluids - Includes a 420 micron filter, 40 mesh screen, 3/4in. NPT fitting and antisplash baffle - Air flow rating of 20 CFM